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FMG Show Homestudy Program:

Discover the New “Show” Business

WANTED: Experts, authors, and entrepreneurs with little time looking to turn your dream into a business…



“It’s not just show business. It’s “Your” business. People just like you are creating new audio and video shows to quickly launch dreams, businesses, and books.

The new “Show” business is designed to allow you to “Show” your fans and customers how amazing you and your product or service is. With so many choices throughout the Internet, people are looking to see who they can connect with. Let them connect to you!

I have now created a variety of different ways that YOU can take advantage of this amazing audio and video training program. It’s called the Be A Show Host Home Study Course, and I’ve tested it out on people like you for over 5 years with amazing results, that I would love to share with you.

The Internet is changing and so is the way that we do business.

Let me show you how to turn your dream into a business with quick and simple steps!”

What You Get With The “Be A Show Host” Home Study Course:

Now I have put all the practical, proven steps into a Home Study Course you can apply to your dream, to your business. This has previously only been shared in live seminars, and telephone/online classes.

The Home Study Course is the result of the past 5 years, and 15 private workshops. I have shared, educated, and inspired people all over the world, from Shenzhen in China to my hometown of Chico, California.

I have taken the mystery out of this powerful opportunity for you, and put it into The “Be A Show Host” Home Study Course which is now required to attend my private workshops.

Many people say they want to be the next Oprah, the next star. Just a few years ago, this seemed like a dream that few could experience.

Suddenly the world is connecting in new, amazing ways, and to reach people you do not have to be one of the elite on television or radio.

1. The “Be A Show Host” Home Study Course
118-page workbook and exercises ($100 value).

This is the new “Bible” of the industry and has previously only been shared at private workshops that people paid $2,000, and more, to attend.

2. The 6 CD’s ($180 value) with all the audio and video to go along with your workbook. Showing you how to do it, and do it for yourself, is the key here.

Here is the Table of Contents you will explore in the Book and 6-CD Be A Show Host Program:

Step 1 — Your Talk Show Action Plan and Show Format;

Learn to Explain What You Do in 2 Minutes or Less?

Establish Yourself As The Expert

Choose a Show Format; You Don’t Have to Share Hours of Recordings to Get an Audience!

Step by Step Plan to Developing Your Show; Develop a Show That You are Passionate About

Project Exercise: Create the Blueprint for your Show

Step 2: Preparing Your Voice and the Interview Process

Here is Where Most People Get Lost; in Just Minutes a Day, You Can Learn How to Deliver Your Right Voice to the Right Audience.

Strengthen Your Voice; Voice Diction and Articulation

Guests for Your Show; You Will Learn How to Find Guests, as Well as Be Provided With Introduction Templates and Waivers for Your New Show.

Your Interview Checklist; Learn How to Conduct an Interview, What to Say and What Tools to Use, Interviewing Over the Phone and Off.

Voice Preparation; What Not to Eat or Drink Before an Interview, as Well as Warming Up and Tuning Your Voice.

Step 3 — Recording or Editing Your Talk Show

Your Recording Tools; What Basic Inexpensive Tools to Use and How to Use Them

Editing Made Simple; Easy, Quick Fixes

File Formats for Syndication; Learn the Differences in Audio and Video Files and What You Need to Create to Be Available Everywhere

Branding With Music

8 Steps to a Successful Talk Show

Step 4. Sharing Your Show With Your Audience

Effective Blogging; How to Write, Upload and Circulate Your Message

Your Show’s Cover Art

Let Your Star Shine For All To See: iTunes Directories -
Put Yourself in Front of Over 44,000,000 Viewers

Breaking News on Blogs and Marketing Through Mobile Phones; One is Relevant Right Now, the Other in a Few Years, and You Could Be Building Your Future Today!

Test Results From Real-Life Marketing Campaigns That I’m Conducting Right Now. Learn Which Worked, Which Flopped, and Why.

Step 5. Show Profits: Converting Listeners to Customers

Getting Your Talk Show Noticed; Building an Audience

Podcasting as Performance Marketing; Generate Leads and Drive Them With a Call to Action to Opt-in, Interact or Buy.

10 Revenue Streams; Generating Revenue Streams From Your New Show

How to Turn Your Blog on the Internet into a Powerful Upsell and Cross-Sell Tool, With a Case Study You’ve Likely Never Seen Before (I Reserve This ONLY For My Special Presentations).

Bonus CD 6: Extras The Wonderful World of Video

Best Cameras, Lights and Resources for Professional Video

Lighting; 3 Point Lighting Set-Up For Interviews

Video Editing; Basic Video Editing, Titles, Effects and Transitions

Hair, Make-up & Wardrobe for Video
Basic, Corrective Make-Up
Applications for Film and What to Wear and What Not to Wear

Learn the Best Resources to Share Your Video and the File Formats; Learn What’s Needed for Multiple Choices in Downloading Your Content to Mobile Devices.

3. The Member’s Area and Automated Training ($497 value); You Will be Taken Through the Course with an Email-Guided Curriculum, and a Member’s Area Where You Can Connect With Others to Ask Your Questions.

4. 6 Bonus Pre-Recorded Conference Calls ($194 value), Shared With You So You Can Learn How People Like You Are Doing It in Their Own Businesses Every Day.


Now you can put this into action for yourself with The “Be A Show Host”, Home Study Course:

    All for only $197 with free shipping.

Now you can put this into action for yourself with The “Be A Show Host”, Home Study Course: