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YourInsider’s Ticket to Your Own TV/ Radio Show!

In the comet-paced world of internet “show business”, it’s hard to keep up with what the best practices and standards are. Some tools and techniques are timeless. Others change constantly. The bottom line for your success is that it’s not just about “show” business anymore it’s about your business – both your general business savvy AND the nuances of the internet. Especially in the booming “experts industry”, people just like you are creating new audio and video shows to quickly launch dreams, businesses, and books that monetize their messages.

This kind of “show business” is an industry that is growing in spite of any global economic trends… And THIS course gives you the business savvy – and insider know-how – you need to succeed.

The beauty of the new show business is that it thrives on helping your fans and customers learn about your message, product, or service. With so many choices throughout the internet, people want to connect with the best businesses for them. FMG can help them connect to you!

The Be A Show Host Home Study Course teaches you – in simple language and easy-to-follow steps – everything you need to connect with your global audience through your own TV or radio show. This original version of our renowned course was tested for over 5 years by “ordinary” folks… with extraordinary results: our FMG members have appeared on shows ranging from Oprah and Dr. Phil to 20/20 and Good Morning America.

And we’re updating the entire course for 2012. So, to celebrate the coming revision AND the launch of our new FMG University, we’ve created a “2011 Launch Special”: the remaining copies of original course – including email support for any questions you have AND “early bird” notifications about the course upgrade – will be available at a deeply discounted price through the end of 2011.

The Internet is changing and so is the way that we all do business. So think of this as an invitation to show you how you can build your “dream” business quickly and easily. FMG’s focused mission is to “Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good.” — come join us in doing exactly that!

See you on the InSide!
Your Team at FMG University

A Peek Behind the Be A Show Host Curtain ;-)…

Learning from clear, simple, step-by-step lessons can be the difference between success and failure… especially when you set out to turn your dream into a viable business! We’ve included practical, techniques and tools in this easy-to-follow course. A lot of this insider information has previously only been shared in live, on-site seminars and online classes. It’s been proven to work for students in dozens of private workshops all over the world from Shenzhen, China to Chico, California.

Many people say that they want to be the next Oprah… and just a few short years ago, that was the kind of dream that few people could make come true. The main obstacles were 1) most of us couldn’t even get our foot in the show business industry’s door and 2) there wasn’t a decent road map to that kind of success even if you did manage to get in.

These days (thankfully!), the world is connecting in new, amazing ways! You no longer have to be one of the elite on a mainstream TV or radio network, in order to reach the folks who can benefit from what you want to offer. THIS is why we created the Be A Show Host course: to help you get yourself out to your best audience, and to know exactly what to do once you reach them.

How to Go Beyond Good Into Great!

There are multiple components to your course:

&#8226 the 118-page workbook with projects and exercises ($100 value)
&#8226 the 6 CDs (5 Lessons + Bonus #1) that supplement your workbook ($140 value)
&#8226 the Automated Curriculum and Member’s Area ($497 value)
&#8226 the Bonus Conference Call recordings with Q&A ($194 value)

The workbook is considered to be a “bible” in the online show-building industry. What we teach is so effective that GoogleTV invited us to bring our top students to them as independent content providers! A lot of this information has previously only been shared at live, private workshops where people paid upwards of $2,000 to attend.

The 6 CDs (5 Lessons + Bonus #1) have the audio and video lessons that go along with your workbook. We show you what to do AND what not to do, as well as giving you tips to help you get the most out of your assignments.

Your Roadmap to Internet TV and Radio Show Success…

Here’s some of the territory we’ll explore in your course:

Step 1: Your Talk Show Action Plan and Show Format

&#8226 Explain What You Do in 2 Minutes or Less
&#8226 Establish Yourself As The Expert
&#8226 Choose Your BEST Show Format
&#8226 Develop A Show You’re Passionate About
&#8226 Create the Blueprint for your Show

Step 2: Prepare Your Voice and the Interview Process

&#8226 Deliver Your Right Voice to the Right Audience
&#8226 Improve Your Voice, Diction, and Eloquence
&#8226 Get Great Guests. Period.
&#8226 Use the Right Legal Waivers For Your Show
&#8226 Create A Checklist For Your Interviews, Online and Off-line
&#8226 TLC for Your Voice: Warm ups, Tuning, and What to Eat and Drink

Step 3: Record and Edit Your Talk Show

&#8226 Your Recording Toolbox: Affordable Tools and How to Use Them
&#8226 Editing Made Simple with Easy Effects and Fix-it Techniques
&#8226 Syndication Formats: How to Make Your Audio & Videos Accessible Everywhere
&#8226 Branding With Music
&#8226 8 Key Steps to Recording Your Successful Talk Show

Step 4: Share Your Show With Your Audience

&#8226 Effective Blogging: Write and Circulate Your Message
&#8226 Cover Art: Your Show’s Great First Impression
&#8226 iTunes Directories: Get In Front of Over 44,000,000 Viewers
&#8226 Mobile Marketing and Blogs: Be Relevant Now AND Into the Future!
&#8226 Strategies: What Works, What Flops, and Why From Real-Life Marketing Campaigns

Step 5: Show Profits – Convert Passive Fans Into Active Customers

&#8226 Get Noticed: Growing Your Show’s Audience
&#8226 Podcasting as Performance Marketing: Generate Leads That Opt-in, Interact, and Buy
&#8226 Monetize Your Message: 10 Revenue Streams From Your New Show
&#8226 Your Blog Is a Powerful Upsell AND Cross-Sell Tool: A VERY Unusual Case Study

CD #6: Bonus #1 – The Wonderful World of Video

&#8226 The Best Cameras, Lights, and Resources for Super-Professional Video
&#8226 3-Point Lighting Set-Ups For Interviews
&#8226 Video Editing: Titles, Effects, Transitions, and More
&#8226 Do’s and Don’t’s of Hair and Make-up for Video
&#8226 Wardrobe: What to Wear, What Not to Wear, and Why
&#8226 File Formats and Video To Go: Managing Download Choices for Mobile Devices

And We’re With You Every Step of Your Journey…

Even though this is self-paced, “at-home” study, we added in some live and automated support. This ensures your studies are always relevant to current markets. We accomplish this 3 ways:

&#8226 The Automated Curriculum

This gives you additional guidance and resources, via email, as you start each of your sets of exercises.

&#8226 The Member’s Area

Connect with our global community of graduates and other home study students. Your course mates can give you real-world feedback about how to apply what you learn in the course and answer some of your questions.

&#8226 Bonus #2 – 6 Pre-Recorded Conference Calls

These are information-packed calls with Q&A from folks, just like you, who use our lessons in their businesses.


Our 2011 Launch Special…
Just In Time For Your 2012 TV or Radio Show!

The total value of this course is $931. Our hope is that you’ll get the training and jumpstart your dreams – of having your own show! – into a spectacular reality.

Others have paid up to $297.


Until the end of 2011:

All This For Only $97 with free shipping.
So put this into action for yourself with FMG’s
Be A Show Host Home Study Course!

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