Discover the New “Show Business” in Web 2.0

Discover the New “Show Business” in Web 2.0

Discover the New “Show Business” in Web 2.0

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If you are an actor, musician, show host, expert, author, speaker, artist, producer or simply have a message that you are passionate about and want to share with the world, this is a presentation that you MUST SEE.

The entertainment and business world has changed and Jody is going to share with you the secrets crucial to your success:

  • Methods to successfully create a professional audio/video show or web series;
  • Produce lead generation with audio and video;
  • Build your list and generate income quickly;
  • Monetize your show, creating products from your episodes;
  • Sponsors and performance marketing for your show and business;
  • Having your content readily available digitally to cell phones, iPods, radio, computers and the TV set;
  • Get the inside information on how to build communities, fan clubs, continuity, coaching, and brand yourself all with member’s areas, for little cost…and much more.

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Jody Colvard - Author

Jody Colvard’s career spans over 14 years of business successes. She has worked closely with celebrities such as Chaka Khan; with charity organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and The Sole of Africa with Nelson Mandela, Brad Pitt and Sir Richard Branson; and with clients featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.

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