Introducing the All New FMG University!

Introducing the All New FMG University!

Jody Colvard here, the Managing Partner/ Founder of FMG, and I’m delighted you’ve found us!

I wanted to to take a moment to personally welcome you and tell you a bit about how FMG University got started…

As you know, our motto at FMG is “Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good.” This motto originally came from a friend’s business, in South Africa, that created internet hubs for local tribes so they could stay connected with the world. Unfortunately, when this friend took a position at Hewlett-Packard – working directly with Carly Fiorina, in fact – and he had to shut down his business.

At that time (it was 2004) I asked him if I could carry-on his motto with the new TV and radio network I’d just created and launched. His response was an enthusiastic yes, I could use both the motto and the name “Fun. Money. Good”, yet with one caveat: my new venture had to continue his legacy of helping people.

That turned out to be the easy part! Since empowering others was something I’d already written into my business plan, I agreed immediately with a smile on my face and a clear mission in my heart. From that day forward, we were “The FMG Network”, using my friend’s wonderful motto as our own. And I’m happy to say that, through FMG Network, we’ve made good on my promise by bringing visibility to many worthwhile causes throughout the world. Now, with the launch of FMG University, we’re taking this Good Work many steps further out to the rest of the planet.

And we’ve expanded the “Do Good.” part of our motto by partnering with our philanthropic sister organization, the Blue Butterfly Project. This makes it easy for our students to help people in need as they study. So – whether it’s sex slave shelters in Cambodia; an American camp for kids with cancer and their families; or prostheses donations for landmine survivors in South Africa – we donate 10% of each student’s tuition fee to help support these, and other, well-deserving programs. This is our way to automatically make a positive difference worldwide alongside our FMGU students and faculty.

At our community at the Blue Butterfly Project, you’ll be able to track how each project is being supported. You’ll also be able to hear, read, and watch stories of the people who are benefiting from your educating yourself.

On behalf of all of us at FMG University, thank you for enrolling with us! We look forward to bringing you one of the richest, most interactive online learning experiences possible.

See you on the InSide!
Jody Colvard and Your Team at FMG University

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