Faculty: Chef Tina Jo

Chef Tina Jo

Raw Food Chef


Chef Tina Jo is an international award-winning chef, author, speaker, and cooking coach.

Chef Tina Jo is best known and loved for her humorous, down-to-earth approach to gourmet, raw veganism. Along with her TV show Splendor in the Raw, Chef Tina Jo has garnered multiple accolades including Best of Raw’s “Best Chef” 2 years in a row for 2009 and 2010. She’s also won their “Top 10 Best Show”; “Top 6 Best Show”, and “Best Website” awards. Her life’s mission is simple: to bring delicious, fresh, easy, fun, affordable, raw vegan food into the mainstream.

Through her books, DVDs, programs, and courses, Tina Jo teaches ways to make healthy lifestyles delicious. And because her recipes taste great, it becomes much simpler – for vegan veterans and newcomers, alike – to bring live, whole foods back to their tables, one plate at a time.

Chef Tina Jo began her raw vegan journey, back in 1999, when a friend suggested that she try a vegan detoxification program to help alleviate debilitating ovarian and uterine cysts. Having reached a dead-end with conventional western medicine, Tina Jo attended her first detox program with Karyn Calabrese at Karyn’s in Chicago, Illinois. That was her first step onto a life-changing path of radically-increased health. From there, she was inspired and encouraged to share her lessons on nutrition and easeful health.

Since then, Chef Tina Jo’s been sharing – first with her friends and eventually, through FMG, with the world – her love of food and the kitchen. She focuses on the fun that’s possible with innovative gourmet raw vegan food preparation when it’s centered around both ease and great taste. That’s the critical ingredient to the success of her mission to “Make Life Delicious!” for everyone who uses her methods.

FMG University is delighted and honored to have Chef Tina Jo on-board as a Charter Instructor!

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