Faculty: Nilla Spark

Nilla Spark

International Foods/ Travel


Nilla Spark’s passions are travel, people, cultures and the ways food is the key ingredient that ties them all together.

Nilla was raised in Australia by an Italian family, so even as a child, she lived a multi-cultural life. Her passion for food was awakened when she helped her parents establish a traditional Italian restaurant in their neighborhood. Food had always been an integral part of her life. Especially in the restaurant, she witnessed the importance of how food brings people together, whether they’re family or complete strangers.

On a personal level, being Italian in Australia meant that Nilla grew up being aware that she was different from most of her friends. And, while she didn’t find that to be a barrier, it did galvanize her onto personal quest: to learn more about her own two cultures, the people in them, where they came from, and why those cultures had – separately and together – given her such an intense passion for food and cooking.

Nilla started travelling at 19. Travel was a critical piece she needed to be on the path of what would soon become her life’s mission: to ensure that as many people as possible discover, for themselves, the joy that travel and food can provide. For over 35 years, she’s been fortunate to travel to many different parts of the world, falling in-love with the cultures, their people, and their culinary arts every step of her journey. Part of her passion was awakened when she realized that she grew better and better able to make a difference in the world as she expanded her cultural and culinary knowledge.

These days, Nilla shares her love – for travel, food, and culture –with her friends and, through FMG, with the world. Her partnership with FMG University has given her a last key element for her life mission of sharing her passions: she’s able to do so AND make a major difference in the lives of those in need. It’s her way of feeding the world… and ensuring that the meals taste great!

FMG University is delighted to welcome Nilla to our faculty as a Charter Instructor!