Faculty: Declan Dunn

Declan Dunn

New Media Expert


Declan Dunn is recognized, worldwide, for his development of innovative social networks and new media.

Since 1995, Declan’s been a pioneering insider in the fields of corporate performance enhancement and affiliate marketing. This unusual skill set allows him to bring people together in business settings, enhance their relationships, and then empower them to monetize those relationships. By simultaneously honouring both the needs of businesses, and the humans who work within them, Declan’s unique systems consistently return human joy to the process of increasing bottom-line profits.

Declan is a consummate strategist, entrepreneur, trainer, writer, and consultant: He’s the co-founder of FMG Network, a matrix of businesses delivering practical and inspiring information to clients, students, and participants worldwide. He’s the founder of the breakthrough educational social network, Remember.org, which received the 2009 Social Change in Media Award. He’s a partner in Dunn Direct Media, a digital publishing and business development firm merging proven internet business models with social media and mobile marketing. He’s also the CEO of his own direct marketing agency, ADNet International. It’s this wealth of robust expertise that gives Declan his wide-ranging, pragmatic perspective on business.

One of Declan’s current projects is The New Media Game. It’s a responsive system – for entrepreneurs and businesses – that integrates rapid changes in media technologies with strategies for consistently turning a profit. In this interactive system, businesses get to explore new media potential through online training; on-site, interactive challenges; and off-line classes. And it’s customized by being based on clients’ real-world objectives instead of laborious lectures and case studies. Declan has also taught these concepts at University of California Santa Barbara.

It’s our pleasure to welcome Declan Dunn to our FMG Faculty as a Charter Instructor!

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