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Welcome to online learning at its best: from the heads, hearts, and hands of conscious-minded thought leaders. Here at the FMG University, you have the freedom to learn on your own terms, even at your own pace. No need to take time off from work. And you don’t have travel expenses because you can learn and study when you like, anywhere you like — 24/7.

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Come Join Us!

Meet With Us In Our Student Center Online Community

Join us in the online FMGU community Student Center to connect with other students and faculty members. Here you’ll be able to create your own blog; add photos and videos; ask questions; and share your ideas in the discussion area.

Choose A Class and Enroll

We have a variety of class options for you. They range from audio and video to personal development to gourmet raw foods cooking.
There are 3 easy steps to enrolling you in your class:

1. Go to the Course Directory and select your class there.

NOTE: To search for classes, you can also use the search bar (upper right, top of page).

2. Click on the green Enroll Now! button.

3. Provide the information requested on the form in the “shopping cart”, then click the Submit Order button.
(Be sure to provide your email address – this is how we contact you with your course information).

Once you’ve purchased your class, you’ll receive confirmation of your enrollment. You’ll be given access to your online classroom with your instructor and classmates, as well as materials to help prepare you for your upcoming class!

FMGU Campus Connect: The FMGU Newsletter

Get the latest news about upcoming courses, new instructors, and featured students in our monthly edition of FMG Campus Connect.

Getting Help

For questions or problems, there are 2 ways to reach us:

* Call the Student Support Helpline at 1 (512) 827-0505 ext 1304. Leave a message and we’ll call you by the following business day.
* Send an e-mail to Support@FMGUniversity.com.

We look forward to getting to know you once you enroll with us!

See you on the InSide!
Your Team at FMG University

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