Be A Show Host

Be A Show Host

Be A Show Host

The Complete Training For Online TV/Radio Show Hosts

An 8-Week Course with Jody Colvard
Next Class March 2015

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Course Information:

This is the complete Be A Show Host training. In this course, you’ll learn all facets of being an online TV and/or Radio show host. We’ll cover all aspects including concept development; recording and taping; attaining quality guests; voice preparation; video presentation; editing; product development; syndication and distribution; and how to get sponsors and advertisers. After completing this course, you’ll receive certification as an FMG Show Host.

Since this course is hands-on, and you’ll be creating actual content,

class size is limited to only 20 students.

What You Will Get From This Course:

  • Your Concept: Show concept and action plan
  • Your Vocals: Vocal presentation and interviewing skills
  • Audio and Video Editing: basic editing, titles, effects, and transitions
  • Lighting: 3-point interview lighting set-up
  • Monetize Your Message: Blogging, tagging, distribution, product creation, and promotion
  • Revenue Streams: Multiple revenue streams from TV and radio shows
  • Revenue Opportunities: JV’s, sponsorships, and advertising opportunities

Lesson 1 – Your Audio/ Video Action Plan and Strategy

  • Your Effective Elevator Statement: Explain what you do in 2 minutes or less!
  • Marketing Your Mastery: Establish yourself as the expert.
  • Choose Your Format: Learn how to schedule and automate your show so you don’t have to share hours of recordings to get your audience!
  • Message Development: Step-by-step plan to develop a message you’re passionate about.
  • Your Blueprint: Complete project exercises that show you how to create your best blueprint!

Lesson 2 – Prepare Your Voice

  • Here is where most people get lost. However, in just minutes a day, you’ll learn how to deliver your right voice to the right audience
  • Strengthen your voice
  • Voice diction and articulation
  • Voice Preparation: Learn what not to eat or drink before an interview, as well as warming up and tuning your voice

Lesson 3 – Record and Edit Your Audio For Radio

  • Your Recording Tools: Which basic, inexpensive tools to use and how to use them
  • Editing Made Easy: Simple, easy, quick fixes
  • File Formats for Syndication: Learn the differences in audio files and what you need to create in order to make your message available everywhere
  • Branding with music

Lesson 4 – The Interview Process

  • Guests for your Show: Find and book quality guests for your show
  • Introduction Templates and Waivers: Be prepared with the proper documentation for the interview and products developed from the interviews of your new show
  • Your Interview Checklist: Learn how to conduct an interview, what questions to ask, and how to keep the conversation interesting
  • 8 Steps to a Successful Talk Show

Lesson 5 – The Wonderful World of Video

  • Learn the best cameras, lights, and resources for professional video
  • Lighting: 3-point lighting set-up for interviews
  • Audio for Video: Learn the most important aspects of video that are often overlooked. Also learn the best equipment to give your video a professional sound.
  • Hair, Make-up and Wardrobe for Video
  • Basic, corrective make-up applications for film
  • What to wear, what not to wear, and why

Lesson 6 – Edit and Share Your Video

  • Video Editing: Basic video editing, titles, effects, and transitions
  • Learn the best resources for share your video
  • File Formats: What are the best formats for generating multiple choices in downloading your content to mobile devices

Lesson 7 – Share Your Audio/ Video Through Social Networks and Search Engines

  • Effective Blogging: How to write, upload, and circulate your message
  • Your Show’s Cover Art
  • Let Your Star Shine For All To See – iTunes Directories: Put yourself in front of over 44,000,000 viewers and listeners
  • Breaking News On Blogs and Marketing Through Mobile Phones: Some methods are relevant right now. Others will be relevant in just a few years. Come learn to build your future today!
  • Test Results: These are results from real-life marketing campaigns being conducted right now. Learn which methods work, which flop, and why.
  • Automated Syndication: Learn how to syndicate your audio and video into the social networks.

Lesson 8: Audio/Video Profits: Converting Listeners to Customers

  • Getting Your Audios/Videos Noticed
  • Building an audience
  • Podcasting as Performance Marketing
  • Generate leads and drive them with a call to action to optin, interact or buy.
  • 10 Revenue Streams Generating revenue streams from your audio & video
  • Strategize and schedule the creation of info products directly from the audio and video that you create
  • How to turn your blog page on the Internet into a powerful upsell and cross-sell tool, with a case study you’ve likely never seen before (I reserve this only for my special presentations)
  • Acquiring Sponsorship and advertising dollars around your TV and. or Radio show

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Jody Colvard - Author

Jody Colvard’s career spans over 14 years of business successes. She has worked closely with celebrities such as Chaka Khan; with charity organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and The Sole of Africa with Nelson Mandela, Brad Pitt and Sir Richard Branson; and with clients featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.

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