University Team

University Team


Jody ColvardJody Colvard

Managing Partner and Founder

Jody is the Founder and Managing Partner of FMG University. She holds the same roles with FMG, the company that birthed the University. FMG is a matrix of businesses including the university, a publishing firm, a show host training studio, a podcasting directory, an online magazine, and a motivational TV/ radio network. The individual companies synergistically deliver practical and inspiring information via FMG’s global broadcast platform.

FMG’s general mission is to “Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good”. Jody ensures that FMG University fulfills its part of that mission by having every aspect of our courses empower writers, speakers, and experts to share their voices and messages with eager students and fans worldwide. Since 2004, the FMG Network has trained over 500 students in audio/ video, blogging, podcasting, social networking, email marketing, and affiliate business building. Through our online university format, these world-class, highly successful trainings – and many other topics – are available to the general public.

On a personal level, Jody’s passions are new media and holistic healing arts. She’s licensed in modalities such as massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, acupressure, and other energetic and physical healing methods. Jody is also a sculptor, muralist, and portraiture artist. Her deep love of humanity inspires her to support a variety of causes through her Blue Butterfly Project.

That same commitment to being at-cause in empowering the world is what drove her to build the inspirational and motivational educational vehicle of FMG University. Her guidance ensures consistent, useful, innovative, world-class caliber courses for all of our students. We’re delighted to have Jody at the helm of FMGU’s administrative team!


Declan DunnDeclan Dunn

Managing Partner

Declan Dunn is recognized, worldwide, for his development of innovative social networks and new media. Since 1995, he’s been a pioneering insider in the fields of corporate performance enhancement and affiliate marketing. This unusual skill set allows him to bring people together in business settings, enhance their relationships, and then empower them to monetize those relationships. By simultaneously honouring both the needs of businesses, and the humans who work within them, Declan’s unique systems consistently return human joy to the process of increasing bottom-line profits.

On a personal level, Declan’s passions include being creative through his art, teaching, and writing. He’s an avid outdoors enthusiast. He has also authored multiple books; written and produced his own play; and is the developer of the breakthrough educational social network, winner of the 2009 Social Change in Media Award.

Declan has combined his real-world systems expertise, Master’s Degree in Instructional Design – and his experience teaching these concepts at University of California Santa Barbara – in order to provide FMG University with innovative, effective guidance. With his robust expertise – and wide-ranging personal passions – allow him to bring art, mastery, and pragmatism to his roles with FMG University. We’re excited and delighted to have Declan on-board as part of our FMGU administrative team!